Employees Contracts , Employees Handbook, Employers Guidelines for only £150 ex vat

Employers are required by Law to give out Employees Contracts for anyone working full time, part time, or on zero hours, within 3 months of the employee starting work.

Employers are required as best practice to also give Employees a Handbook

We can provide you with
Employers Guideline Employees Handbook
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We can also provide a soft copy for £50 ex vat (assuming hardcopy has been bought), which will allow you to make changes to the contracts, handbook or guidelines to fit your business.

The soft copy of Employers Guideline will permit you to draw up as many Employment Contracts as you want to.

You can order as many Employee Handbooks as you wish for an additional £25 ex vat.

To order, please email sarah@das-uk.co.uk or phone 0208-239-4999