We operate Payroll for over 1200 businesses every month and can accommodate Payroll runs of any size, be it 1 a month or 5000 a month.

Payroll is a significant business function that takes care of the process of making payment to the employees for the services delivered by them. For a business entrepreneur, managing the payroll responsibility together with handling the core operations of a business can certainly be cumbersome. To get relieved from this responsibility, you can engage our payroll outsourcing services.

We will take care of all Payroll compliance issues & give you all the Employment & PAYE advice your business require.
Our Fixed Fees include Payroll runs, pay slips, P45, P46, P38, all forms including annual Declarations…. P11D, P14, P60, and P35…. all filed on line & preparation of BACS as required.
We can process weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per your requirements.

For more Details please make inquiry with our Enquiry Form, we will contact you within 48 business hours.